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  • About the Siberian Husky


    The Siberian Husky is an extremely popular medium-sized working sled dogs breed. The breed is often identified by its double layered thick fur, pointed ears, square-shaped eyes, and unique markings, which are notable by their bright red hair and almond shaped eyes. The double coat of the Husky helps to protect the breed's underbelly from cold temperatures. This breed is sometimes mistaken for a smaller Alaskan Malamute because of its continuous black fur. However, the Husky is actually bigger than its lesser-known relative.

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    The Russian Husky and the Alaskan Husky are the three most common types of huskies that are used for sledding, and these three breeds have developed a fairly good kind of loyalty between each other. They tend to stay with their own kind and have formed a close bond with each other. They work very well together, as they are excellent groomers and protectors of children.

    There is not much information about the true nature of the Husky's temperament; however, many believe that it is a rather outgoing and friendly dog that loves children. Huskies tend to be very affectionate towards their owner, and can become clingy at times. Huskies can be very protective of their owners' family, especially the younger ones in the family (they are very protective of the family of newborns in general). Many consider huskies to be excellent watchdogs, as they can bark without warning and alert people when there is danger. However, this may stem from the owner's tendency to leave the dog alone in the house at night.

    The best way to keep your husky safe is to take him or her on regular daily walks and make sure that they get plenty of exercise during the day. Many people prefer to own huskies as pets, but they should never be treated as such. Huskies are considered to be large dogs and as such they require proper care and maintenance. If you want to own a husky, then you should try to get your puppy or adult husky from a reputable breeder who has been breeding huskies for a long time. You will find that the American Kennel Club is one good place to start looking for a reputable breeder.

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    Some people like to own Siberian Huskies as pets, but they should never be treated as one. The Siberian Husky suffers from a condition called hypothermia, which causes the dog to become extremely cold when left alone in the same room for long periods of time. Siberian Huskies can be very territorial, so if you live in an area where there are a lot of huskies, it is important to keep them contained when they are around other dogs. In fact, even pet stores will not sell Siberian Huskies to people who live in the city. These dogs were originally bred for use as herd animals and should never be used for any other purpose.

    If you decide to go with a Siberian Husky as your next pet, then you need to make sure that you do a lot of research before bringing the Husky into your home. It is important that you know what kind of lifestyle the Husky is accustomed to before bringing them into your home. Siberian Huskies tend to be very high maintenance dogs and they are not recommended for those who do not have time to care for their dog. They are very energetic dogs that should not be taken on walks more than twice a day unless they are participating in an obedience class. If you are not careful with Siberian Huskies, then you might end up with a very expensive dog that has not been properly trained.

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  • Installation Of Gypsum Board Ceilings In Kuwait


    In the case of an ordinary home gypsum board ceilings can easily be installed within one day, whereas the ceiling panels that are being used in commercial buildings may need to be prepared for two or more days. The installation of the boards in Kuwait is a very simple process. One or more workers who have been trained in this procedure will be sent to your house and you can choose to have two people who are working at a time or even a team of workers.

    You have to first decide the location where the ceiling is to be installed. Once this has been settled, the workers will apply a special glue to all the tiles that make up the ceiling. When this glue has dried completely, they can start working on removing the plaster from around the edge. A circular saw will be used to do this.

    After they have removed all the plaster they will apply another layer of adhesive on the top layer of tiles and then continue with the removal of any tiles that are left. They will also cut strips of gypsum board that will be inserted into slots that have been drilled into the ceiling. These will be used to adhere each piece of tiles to the floor and to the edges of the board.

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    Installation of gypsum board ceilings in Kuwait can take as much as two days, depending on how many tiles are being used in your home or business. The reason for this is because the number of tiles that have to be produced and the size of the space that has to be covered mean that there are a lot of other factors involved. The Kuwait government requires that the boards are fixed to the ceiling in a straight line. If they are not this can lead to problems as well as safety concerns. Each board has to be cut to the correct size before it can be stuck to the ceiling.

    Once the tiles have been cut to the correct sizes, the installer will fit them together according to instructions that have been issued by the Kuwait government. Each piece of gypsum has to be secured by use of plastic ties. Ties are important because they stop the tiles from moving when stuck to the ceiling. When they are finally ready the installer will attach them to the ceiling using gypsum cement. This will have to do over the course of several days to ensure that they are completely fixed.

    When installing the ceiling, it is important to understand what you are doing. There are some dangers associated with the installation of this product. There is also the possibility that the product can be contaminated by water. If this should happen to the installation would have to be halted immediately and all materials that could no longer handle the pressure of the water removed. It is important that you understand how to properly handle and install this product.

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  • Second Hand Iphone Charger In India, Used Mobiles On The Market In India


    For instance are you aware the part numbers and so forth of any transformers that are equal that I can get from farnel, digi, rs components and so forth. By the way in which, I am confused with the circuitry on the second board, significantly within the Q3 and Q4 transistors. I couldn't determine how the logic work between PC2 and the 2 transistors. I can solely speculate as to the reason for your battery misfortune. I do know that lithium-primarily based cells usually are not usually fond of heat , and preserving them very full further hastens growing older.

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    Always plug your computer into a properly earthed outlet. I've been wondering why the presumably high-high quality samsung charger that came with my Galaxy Nexus emits an ultra high pitched squeal when plugged in, but that goes away when the phone's plugged in. I'm impressed with the trouble Apple put into making the charger extra safe after the recall. When I moved on to the Apple charger, the prongs did not budge, even with my hardest pulling with pliers, so I got out the Dremel and floor via the case to seek out out what was holding the prongs.

    Completing the CAPTCHA proves you're a human and gives you short-term entry to the web property. At the highest, the primary secondary components are the diode to transform the output to DC and the tantalum capacitor that filters the output. One other thing i needed to know in regards to the floor of the circuit.Is it isolated or non-isolated? The schematic reveals a single kind of floor signal for all the grounds.

    Thus, the transformer converts the high voltage enter to low voltage, high present output. I've put together an approximate schematic showing the charger circuit. The second switching transistor, along with some capacitors and diodes, is part of a resonant clamp circuit that absorbs voltage spikes on the transformer. This unusual and revolutionary circuit is patented by Flextronics. The major circuit board is packed with floor mounted components on each side.

    Our web site is protected by high stage encryption and we're continually monitoring, updating and securing our web site so you can store safely. Every Lighting Cable or Lighting Connector equipped product we promote, as with all our branded inventory, is one hundred% real. Q. Is the Apple USB Power Adapter compatible with USB units? As with the overwhelming majority of our inventory, this iPhoneCharger bundle is non retail packaged.

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    Another good selection in the best all-around wall charger class is RAVPower's 65-watt dual-port charger. It's similar to the Aukey and infrequently prices within a couple of bucks of the identical worth. (Wait for frequent sales, when it dips under $30.) This can be a GaNFast charger. Just looking for a compact single-port quick-charger? The Aukey 18-watt Minima PD charger is on the market for as low as $7 (the black version, in case you have Amazon Prime, after an on-display screen coupon is clipped) and has foldable plugs. The newer 20-watt Omnia mannequin will run you $thirteen, if you're looking for a bit extra juice.

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  • How To Use Bonus Giveaways To Promote Your Business


    One of the easiest and most effective ways of advertising a business is through giving away complimentary items. With the help of giveaways, businesses can get the name of their business out in the community. A business owner who gives away a free gift to a customer is creating a bond between him and the other person. This can be a great way to advertise your business as well since you will be able to build trust with your target audience. This can also create an atmosphere where customers feel comfortable offering their personal information to you.

    While some businesses choose not to have any giveaway items given to customers, this is not the best option for other businesses. It would not be wise to spend your money just for promotional giveaway items, if you are expecting them to generate more revenue. Giveaways are not only useful to your business but they are also very cost-effective. So if you want your business to survive the competition, it would be better to invest in giveaways.

    There are several companies that can offer you a variety of products to give away. Aside from promoting your business, these companies will also test the products before handing them out to your customers. They will use various marketing strategies in order to determine which products will attract your target market. Aside from offering promotional products, you can also request that your products be tested by another business before they are released to the market. By testing these products, you will be able to discover what works and what doesn't.

    Bonus giveaways are one of the most popular promotional products that most businesses opt to offer. This is because customers usually love getting free gifts. They will be reminded of the products whenever they use them. Plus, they are also something that people can keep and use even after the promo is over. This can be a great benefit for your business because you do not need to spend a lot of money for promoting your business. In fact, you only need to spend a fraction of what it would cost to produce new items for giveaways.

    The more you advertise your business using bonus giveaways, the more chances that your customers will remember you. Remember that people prefer to receive freebies rather than paid ones. This is why some opt to only use bonus giveaways when they plan on promoting their business in a short period of time. After all, spending just a little money for advertising your business is better than spending millions of dollars for commercials.

    Also, a giveaway is a great way to entice customers to come and visit your website. You will be able to capture their contact information so that you can follow up with them later on. As soon as they become regular customers, you will have access to valuable resources from them. This includes useful information about your business, and other useful things. This is a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

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  • Arabic Series: No Longer exclusive to Arabs - Time to Give it a Try


    For many of us, our first exposure to the Arabic language was in the famous TV sitcom, "Algerian Nights." Yes, the show was truly bizarre, and not exactly the most educational viewing for most people. But did any of the characters really blow it, or was it just another case of lazy writing?

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    In this new Arabic TV series, a new team of characters join the ranks of the misfits-only Arabic language sitcom. The first episode introduces us to a few new characters, and their struggles to find their place in the world. A newcomer is a bookstore clerk from New York City, Abderrahman el-Bagher. He drops out of class, gets scammed by a girl selling phony passports, gets his identity stolen, and ends up in prison. It sounds like something a hip-hop artist would come up with, but Abderrahman proves that he's much more than a book clerk.

    Another new member of the ensemble, an Egyptian called Ahmed, comes from a poor family, brought to work in a Dubai gold mining camp as translators. There, Ahmed becomes obsessed with learning the Arabic dialect. Before long, the others join him in his secret study group and learn the techniques of reciting the bible in both Arabic and Lebanese, along with other techniques. It's a funny drama, mixed with a touch of reality.

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    It's the Arabic version of "Dancing With The Stars," which uses music from the hit YouTube video, "Yehoshua bin Harf Al Yashmia." The new characters are mostly from YouTube, so it's not surprising that they use "yo" more than "harrf." The show is very similar to "Seinfeld," as it's a "feudal comedy." The teenagers all live in Egypt, where the family business, the jinn, has taken control of their society, making decisions for everyone.

    This new take on Arabic-language TV has a lot going for it. The obvious is that it's targeted to the Arab audience, who have been targeted all over the world with mainstream entertainment. The shows are made by mostly young, male Arabic actors. The writing and acting are subtle enough that the viewer doesn't pick up any subtleties that would make it seem like a mainstream program. The interesting aspect of this development is that it seems to be a sign of things to come, especially with Arabic TV becoming more mainstream.

    While it does share certain similarities to the Arabic language Epics like the Bible, it does go in a direction that the modern audience hasn't seen before in Arabic-language programming. The fact that the shows are animated is a huge step forward in the direction of Arabic TV being more mainstream, as cartoons and video games have traditionally been. These are two things that have always had a strong connection with the Arabic language, so it's great to see them finally make it into the American television industry.

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  • Must Know Series on Ramadan

    Must Know Series on Ramadan

    In the first of the Ramadan Series, we inspected the different aspects of Ramadan from a profound and social perspective. The subsequent article took a gander at how the strict custom of Islam affected Ramadan observances all through the world. Presently we will inspect what this equivalent practice has meant for the day's numerous individuals. How do their practices need to manage the fasting?


    The real word" Ramadan" is gotten from Arabic and signifies "seized." This was a timeframe when life in Muslim grounds was more managed by law than during different occasions of the schedule. During this time, there were not very many extravagances. Ladies were not permitted to go to wedding or burial service social affairs and they needed to remain at home to deal with their families. Fasting was seen during this time in numerous territories, however as a rule, it was distinctly during the Ramadan quick that Muslim guys and females the same could participate in suppers together.


    This practice has suffered for quite a long time due to its inborn worth. During Ramadan, Muslims everywhere on the world quick from day break to dusk. While noticing the fasting, they need to take one dinner every day and drink water from an uncommon holder. In contrast to different seasons, during Ramadan individuals don't need to eat greasy or slick food varieties in light of the fact that these food sources must be ingested after a dinner has been taken.


    There are various strategies for playing out this quick. Numerous supporters of Islam accept that an individual who notices Ramadan should not eat or drink anything until the month is finished. In any case, there are a few networks that permit breaking the quick on specific days inasmuch as they do it before the dusk on that specific day. Everything relies upon the people's assessment and what they feel is suitable for them. There are likewise observances for ladies who are permitted to start the quick before dusk and may end it following a night party.


    The principle part of this quick is the day by day reverence of Allah. It includes being in consistent petition and being totally unsure about your appearance in order to keep away from allurement. In spite of the fact that dress isn't needed during the Fast, ladies should wear free and agreeable garments like long skirts. It is exhorted that you ought not bind your hair with the assistance of head groups, hair lines or barrettes.

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    During the Ramadan Series, there are different projects on TV with respect to Muslim customs. You can select the Ramadan Series on satellite TV. This program will control you by giving the essentials of the religion and the method of love. There are various channels on which the program is broadcasted. You can pick the channel as indicated by your inclinations.


    You can likewise observe some online recordings about Muslim ceremonies. They are accessible liberated from cost. Notwithstanding, the recordings are seen in the YouTube configuration and you will require a web association with download them. You can likewise watch instructive recordings on a similar channel. Some instructive channels additionally give you the choice of downloading instructive CDs that incorporate strict melodies and talks.


    During the Ramadan Series, you can likewise anticipate different challenges. Individuals' votes are tallied to choose the victor of the game. The Ramadan Series arranges occasions consistently. In consistently, an alternate subject is chosen. The champs of the games get endowments like water, utensils and books.


    Numerous stations on satellite TV have unique projects on strict training. Educators give a class on Islam to teach the kids. The educators likewise give tips on the most proficient method to quick on every day. They additionally clarify the estimation of Ramadan in Islam and clarify the significance of doing the custom in the correct manner. They likewise examine that it is so acceptable to quick on the event of Ramadan.

    Info : مشاهدة حارة القبة 2021


    There are likewise games on the screen. A few games manage pragmatic undertakings, while others tell the best way to discuss the Quran and read from it. There are tests on the best way to supplicate and different inquiries on the basics of Islam. They additionally show how Muslims should carry on with their life in consistently. More often than not, there is an entertainer who converses with the understudies and shows them how to follow the practice of fasting.


    Prior to choosing a channel, ensure that you are getting what you pay for. A few channels charge extra for the advertisements. It is smarter to make up for lost time with the Ramadan Series in High Definition quality. You can watch it on stations that oblige Muslims and on satellite TV stations that have practical experience in Islamic programming.


    The resources : مسلسلات سورية رمضان 2021

  • Saving Money on Carpenter Furniture From IKEA


    Carpenter furniture from IKEA is one of the best types of furniture to have in a home because it's affordable, but it also looks really great. The reason why many people choose to buy this type of furniture from IKEA is that it is made from high quality wood. This wood has been chosen specifically because it will last for years.

    The reason why this furniture from IKEA is so popular is because not only is it beautiful but it can help you keep your house looking nice. You don't want to change your furniture too often so why not make it look new all the time? By choosing IKEA you're getting high quality furniture that looks great, and you're saving yourself money as well because this type of furniture is cheaper than what most other furniture stores offer.

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    One of the things that you will notice about IKEA furniture is that they use high quality woods. This means that you're getting the best kind of wood possible. One of the biggest reasons why people like IKEA so much is because they know that they are getting the highest quality of wood possible. Another reason why people like this band so much is because each piece of wood that they sell is made by real professionals who know how to work with wood. No matter what kind of design you want for your home or office, there is a piece of furniture from IKEA that is perfect for you.

    Some of the things you can get from IKEA include table and chair sets, bed frames, and even computer desks. Whatever kind of furniture you're looking for you can find it at an IKEA store. Another thing you might want to consider is their outlet stores that are located all over the world. These stores are going to have some of the best deals around. If you want to save even more money you can take the time to shop online.

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    One of the best ways to make sure you are saving as much money as possible is to make your furniture purchase online. By shopping online you are going to be able to find all the deals that you want to make sure you are saving as much money as possible. One last thing that you can do to save money on furniture is to ask IKEA about their financing programs. Financing is always an option when it comes to buying furniture, but if you don't have good credit it may not be an option for you.

    Overall, if you want to look great in your home you need to make sure that you take the time to look at some of the different furniture from IKEA. You can easily turn a boring room in your house into a room that people will talk about. The best thing that you can do is think about the type of furniture that you want to buy and then begin searching for it. Furniture from IKEA is always a great place to start. They are well known for making high quality furniture that you will want to show off to all of your friends.

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  • Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning


    Dammam is a small town on the Iran-Armenia border. Many expatriates visit this part of Iran every year to enjoy the beautiful views, friendly people and relaxed atmosphere. It also offers a breath-taking natural beauty, including rugged mountain slopes covered with evergreen snow, magnificent sand dunes, and abundant flora and fauna. This natural landscape attracts many foreign investors and tourists. One of the areas where you will find many companies putting up cleaning company boards is in Dammam.

    Many people who travel to Dammam do not know that one of the destinations of choice for this scenic region is its board parks. The parks have been designed and managed to serve as tourist attractions and commercial complexes. Many international cleaning companies have set up their headquarters in Dammam.

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    There are many hotels in Dammam. Some of them are old but well maintained. These hotels provide facilities like internet broadband, hotel facilities and restaurant services. Some of the hotels arrange for shuttle service to and from the airport. There are restaurants and bars at the park's entrance.

    Another popular attraction of Dammam is its national park. It is one of the best preserved wilderness areas in the country. The park is home to various wildlife species. Many tourists often tour the park and stay in the hotels here. If you want to explore the area, you can rent a guide who can take you around. The guide will show you all the places to see and the best way to go about exploring them.

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    The Dammam Board's website features a list of hotels offering rooms and meeting rooms. Most of these hotels offer clean and comfortable rooms at affordable rates. There are rooms available at a nominal rate that will meet all your requirements. You may book a room at a hotel located in close proximity to the Dammam National Park.

    The Dammam area is known for its natural beauty. You can take your family on a nature tour to get a glimpse of the natural flora and fauna. Dammam is also well-known for hosting various events and conventions. Many of these events include workshops and seminars organized by the Dammam Board of Cleaning company boards.

    Dammam is well-known for its festivals and celebrations. It has been the venue for cultural festivals since ancient times. Today, it is host to numerous such festivals including Dammam New Year celebration and Dammam Festival. The companies that work for Dammam company boards are aware of the importance of holding such events.

    Dammam has many restaurants and eateries. These eateries serve local and international dishes. There are bars and lounges available for customers to relax and sip cold beverages. You can ask for guides who can help you find an eatery serving up delicious food. If you plan to visit Dammam soon, it would be wise to consider hiring services of professional cleaning company boards.

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  • How to Change WordPress Themes Without Having a Website Builder

    How to Change WordPress Themes Without Having a Website Builder

    Are you sick and tired of looking for how to change WordPress theme without going live? There are thousands of theme libraries available online but how to change the theme is a big question for any website owner. Well, this is the problem for most of us because we are not aware of the great WordPress feature and how to make it better. WordPress is now used by thousands if not millions of websites and it has become the number one blog platform online. If you have an existing WordPress blog then you are already a step ahead because you can update your theme anytime without having to go live.

    So how to change your wordpress theme is very easy and there are several tutorials on the internet that will guide you step by step on how to change your WordPress theme. All you need to do is to log in to your WordPress admin panel and then you will see a dashboard for your theme. You will see several buttons like Style, Search, Install, and activate. You will also notice a folder for themes which contains a number of templates for your theme.

    It is recommended that you use one template for your entire website. Using different theme colors will clutter your site and makes it look messy. To change your WordPress theme colors you can use the visual composer option in your admin panel. By clicking on the icon or using the keyboard shortcut icon, you will be able to select different color schemes from a wide range of themes.

    Select any color and change it as desired. Some people prefer bold and some others prefer a lighter color scheme. The best thing about how to change a WordPress theme is that once you have selected your color scheme you are set for life. There are no more tedious tasks as changing color schemes on your website. You can change your WordPress theme colors anytime you want to.

    Another tip on how to change WordPress theme is to use plugins for your website. There are so many free plugins available in the WordPress repository; you should really learn how to use them. There are times when you do not have time or if you have other things to do, but you need to change your theme because your audience has been waiting for a new one.

    If you have not learned how to change WordPress themes yet, this time you should try it. One thing about using themes is that it is easier to modify your own site rather than using FTP or using a website builder. You will only have to modify the files and your site will automatically update itself. You do not have to wait for any updates to be published in your main site.

    One of the most common problems when using WordPress to build websites is not knowing how to change a WordPress theme. You do not have to worry too much about this problem. You just have to know how to use your FTP connection. Most people use their FTP connection to upload files to their website, but you can also use your web browser if you want.

    You have probably figured out how to change WordPress theme by now. There are hundreds of free themes available. You can even use free icons and logos to create your theme. You do not have to use the default theme for your site. As long as you know how to use your theme and add your personal touches, you can easily create a site that is uniquely yours.

  • Giveaway Smartphones - Why Should You Give Away Smartphones?


    Did you know that you can join forces with other people and form your own company and sell off Smartphones in a giveaway campaign? This is becoming very popular nowadays, with more people being drawn to the advantages offered by owning their very own smartphone. The question is - where do you get the best deal for a giveaway smartphone?

    The first place to look is eBay. EBay has thousands of listings for phones, which are being constantly upgraded and edited according to demand. You could also consider approaching different cell phone manufacturers and asking them to feature the company's name on their products if you purchase a few units. The good thing about this strategy is that you can also sell the products online as well!

    Next up is a company called Laptopique. This company specializes in selling electronic items of various brands, including computers, laptops, tablets etc. They offer both brand new and refurbished models. Their prices are relatively cheaper than the other two, and they also have some really great options, including LCD TV's, DVD players, digital cameras, music systems etc.

    If neither of these options appeal to you, then you could consider contacting a network of people who want to sell a certain product. For instance, there are several companies out there whose main business is reselling mobiles. These include companies like Slazenger, BlackBerry, Nokia, Motorola etc. You can contact them and let them know that you are interested in purchasing a new smartphone, and that you would like to promote their product in return for giving away a free model. Usually, this works out well, and you make a good amount of money for promoting the company.

    Another way is to approach an electronics manufacturing company. There are many companies out there who make and supply cell phones. You would be able to select one that appeals to you, and then contact the company to find out how they can promote your product. This method has the added benefit of causing you to save some cash as well. Instead of paying a publicist to promote your event, you pay a manufacturer and they do the work.

    The best way to get involved in giveaways is to find an interesting product that the public is wanting, and then contact the company or brand owner. Offer to sell them a certain product for a reduced price. You will probably make a good profit on the deal. Just don't expect the giveaway smartphones from these manufacturers to last forever. Once the product stops being a hot seller, they will discontinue them altogether, because nobody is buying them.

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