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Installation Of Gypsum Board Ceilings In Kuwait


In the case of an ordinary home gypsum board ceilings can easily be installed within one day, whereas the ceiling panels that are being used in commercial buildings may need to be prepared for two or more days. The installation of the boards in Kuwait is a very simple process. One or more workers who have been trained in this procedure will be sent to your house and you can choose to have two people who are working at a time or even a team of workers.

You have to first decide the location where the ceiling is to be installed. Once this has been settled, the workers will apply a special glue to all the tiles that make up the ceiling. When this glue has dried completely, they can start working on removing the plaster from around the edge. A circular saw will be used to do this.

After they have removed all the plaster they will apply another layer of adhesive on the top layer of tiles and then continue with the removal of any tiles that are left. They will also cut strips of gypsum board that will be inserted into slots that have been drilled into the ceiling. These will be used to adhere each piece of tiles to the floor and to the edges of the board.

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Installation of gypsum board ceilings in Kuwait can take as much as two days, depending on how many tiles are being used in your home or business. The reason for this is because the number of tiles that have to be produced and the size of the space that has to be covered mean that there are a lot of other factors involved. The Kuwait government requires that the boards are fixed to the ceiling in a straight line. If they are not this can lead to problems as well as safety concerns. Each board has to be cut to the correct size before it can be stuck to the ceiling.

Once the tiles have been cut to the correct sizes, the installer will fit them together according to instructions that have been issued by the Kuwait government. Each piece of gypsum has to be secured by use of plastic ties. Ties are important because they stop the tiles from moving when stuck to the ceiling. When they are finally ready the installer will attach them to the ceiling using gypsum cement. This will have to do over the course of several days to ensure that they are completely fixed.

When installing the ceiling, it is important to understand what you are doing. There are some dangers associated with the installation of this product. There is also the possibility that the product can be contaminated by water. If this should happen to the installation would have to be halted immediately and all materials that could no longer handle the pressure of the water removed. It is important that you understand how to properly handle and install this product.

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